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Why Work With Us

Benefits Of Working With Us

For agencies who align with our values, exhibit our key characteristics and are contemplating the options for the future for their agency, High Street Insurance Partners brings promising opportunities. Young and nimble, we have the ability to create the kind of incentive package that will align with your succession goals while rewarding you financially for your success and achievements. These are just a few of the opportunities and benefits associated with being an agency partner at High Street Insurance Partners….

- A service delivery model centered on the customer experience
- Equity ownership that promotes winning and rewards success.
- A people first culture.
- Acquisition buy strategies that reflect individual partner goals.
- Involvement and input in High Street Insurance Partners strategies.
- Custom solutions via an ever-expanding service platform.
- Maximum ROI rewards for partners who participate early.

What We're Looking For

Our culture demands that we stay focused and disciplined in finding partners that demonstrate certain key characteristics. Our success will not be measured by the quantity of our partner acquisitions but by the quality of the customer experience we deliver with each new partner we add. For the customer experience to be extraordinary, we must continue to acquire and leverage unique talents and expertise of our agency partners with a service platform that aligns industry specific knowledge with insurance product and service expertise. When we find the perfect partner, this is what we get:

- Industry niche
- Insurance product or service expertise
- Team focused & collaborative
- Growth oriented
- People first culture
- Proven financial performance
- Active leadership & involvement
- Aligned values & beliefs

Our Partners


We believe that the expertise and additional resources we gain from this move will serve as a catalyst in moving Peterson McGregor & Associates forward. The leadership of High Street Insurance Partners has a long track record of growing companies through acquisition and we are excited to see where the company goes from here.

Steve mcgregor |  founder & vp of peterson mcgregor & associates