life is better on high street

You're a community-focused independent firm. You're ready to take things to a whole new level.
Welcome to High Street Insurance Partners.

Don’t think bigger, think different.

We bring together like-minded firms, all with a similar client focus, to seamlessly offer services that enhance your client's experience and value. Bottom line? The hat has you covered.

"High Street sees the big picture. With their approach, each partner can leverage the collective strength of the network while maintaining control of their client relationships. It's a win-win for everybody."
Lisa Severo
The DJB Group

Collaborate while
maintaining control

As part of our team, you can tap into our network of partners to enhance your client relationships and deliverables.

Choosing your partner

When you partner with High Street Insurance Partners, you’re working with only the best. Our partners are chosen for their proven track records of success, professionalism and commitment to excellence in all they do.
"With High Street, we have opportunities for growth with none of the headaches or hurdles."
Brian Bleeker
Ken Bleeker Agency

high street is main street

We partner with agencies that serve close-knit communities. Where local, personal relationships are truly valued and trusted.

You know your market, so do we

We're not looking to make a "splash" in the big city. We're focused on partnering with agencies that serve close-knit communities. Where neighbors know and support each other. We live and work side-by-side with the people and businesses we serve, and it makes all the difference.

"High Street has built a culture of trust and respect that allows us to build on each person's strengths and abilities for the greater good."
Bill Cole
Gates-Cole Associates